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Future cutting edge technologies


International youth non-governmental organization

Strategic goal of the organization

Encouraging young scientists, innovative and creative NGOs, local authorities and businesses to actively cooperate in developing and implementing socially important projects.

Future cutting edge technologies

Methodology of the Organization

It consists in the development and practical use of relevant technical innovations and humanitarian technologies that allow us to maximize the personal and group potential of our organization's members and target audiences for the common good and development of communities in Ukraine

Development and effective implementation of socially useful scientific, social, business and cultural projects.

Future cutting edge technologies

Key areas of activity

Innovative projects



Alternative greenhouses

Charitable and volunteer activities

Experience of the organization

Developing a culture of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine
Implementation of

innovative technologies for education

Facilitation of a dialog between business, government and civil society


Anna Valensa

PhD in philosophy, mentor, trainer, coach, facilitator, researcher. President of the ILYSA International Youth Organization

Kateryna Poznanska

non-formal education trainer, facilitator, researcher, PhD in history, master's degree in sociology

Anatoliy Kalantaryan

He has been working in marketing and sales since 2001. Strong business development professional with a focus on investment. An inspirational partner for creators of deep technologies and academia

Viktor Egorov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, part-time lecturer at the Department of Process Automation and Robotic Systems of ONTU (Odesa), full-time employee of the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv), founder of the MiRONAFT FabLab robotics laboratory and co-founder of the MATAS Robotics Corp. group of companies, QWeld, RAIM Solutions Corp.

Tatiana Goncharenko

Consulting Partner at Crowe Mikhailenko Co-founder at EVON Group Founder of The Owners club Co-founder at Founders League Co-Founder/Producer at TheOwners Business Development Director at European Profiles S.A. Ukraine Owner at Paragraf Social Consulting vice president of ILYSA

- Our donors
Mission to Ukraine, Baltimore, USA. From March to May 2022, we provided funding of $100,000 for the purchase of medicines for Ukrainian hospitals
ReliefAid, New Zealand. The organization is our international partner and has provided a total of UAH 200,000 in humanitarian aid and construction materials to help Ukrainians repair their damaged homes.
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